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Starbucks Teavana™

  The newly launch Starbucks Teavana – Iced Shaken Black Tea with Ruby Grapefruit and Honey (V:$6.50) and Iced Shaken
Author: slowchomp Date: Oct 9, 2016

Value Set Meal @Paradise Inn, MBLM

Good deal at Paradise Inn with their newly launched Value Set Meal! Been a while since I
Author: slowchomp Date: Jun 27, 2016

Din Tai Fung 鼎泰丰 @ MBLM

Supposed to be a no-dinner night after all the restaurant week’s feasting but after waiting for
Author: slowchomp Date: Nov 6, 2015

Truffle Dumplings @ Din Tai Fung 鼎泰丰, MBLM

It has been a while since we visited DTF and upon a closer look at the
Author: slowchomp Date: Aug 21, 2015

Pappamia @ MBLM

Mamia! One of the best taufu telur I have eaten at Pappamia! More reviews coming up!
Author: slowchomp Date: Jul 5, 2014

Ichiban Boshi Marina Bay @MBLM

Lovely sashimi at Ichiban Boshi! More food pics to come! 🙂
Author: slowchomp Date: Jan 21, 2014

Din Tai Fung 鼎泰丰 @ Marina Bay Link Mall, revisited

How was your Good Friday? My Good Friday was not really that good. My Date was
Author: slowchomp Date: Apr 6, 2012

Yomenya Goemon Japanese Spaghetti House @ MBLM

“Slurping Spaghetti with Chopsticks” Ever heard of eating Spaghetti with Chopsticks?!?  To me, spaghetti is eaten
Author: slowchomp Date: Mar 30, 2012

Din Tai Fung 鼎泰丰 @ Marina Bay Link Mall

This must be one of my most visited Din Tai Fung 鼎泰丰 outlet due to its location
Author: slowchomp Date: Mar 11, 2012