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Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee月酉鲜炒福建虾面 @ AMK Ave 3,revisited

Walking in AMK Hub and wondering what to eat for dinner.. Had a sudden craving for
Author: slowchomp Date: Sep 3, 2015

Ping Jie Ipoh Hor Fun 萍姐怡保河粉@Tanjong Pagar Market

Discovering a new stall at Tanjong Pagar Market today – Ipoh Hor Fun 怡保河粉! It has
Author: slowchomp Date: Jul 20, 2015

Lee Wee and Brothers Nasi Lemak

My delicious Ebi Prawn Nasi Lemak, $4.30, from Lee Wee and Brothers for dinner on Hari
Author: slowchomp Date: Jul 17, 2015

Tiong Bahru Lor Mee中峇鲁卤面 @ TPC

My Lor Bee Hoon Lunch, $4, today! Had a late lunch today and decided to try
Author: slowchomp Date: Jul 1, 2015

Chwee kueh 水粿 @ Tangs, Orchard

Some pretty delicious Chwee Kueh aka Steamed Rice cake or “water cake” 水粿 from Tangs Market
Author: slowchomp Date: Mar 31, 2015

Seng Huat Hokkien Mee 成发正宗炒福建面@ Pasir Panjang Food Centre

People staying in the West would probably be very familiar with this hawker centre but for
Author: slowchomp Date: Mar 15, 2015

Hokkien Noodles Day

It is a Hokkien Noodles Day! Coincidentally brought to 2 different Hokkien Mee place by 2
Author: slowchomp Date: Mar 11, 2015

Abalone Mushroom Minced Meat Noodle 鲍鱼肉脞面@ Sim Lim Square Food Court

Day 3 of the Lunar Year of the Goat and this is what I had for
Author: slowchomp Date: Feb 25, 2015

Teochew Fishball Noodle 潮州鱼圆面@ Albert Centre Market and Food Centre

First working day of the lunar new year and I am so fortunate to be sent
Author: slowchomp Date: Feb 23, 2015

Xiang Xiang Nasi Lemak 香香哪唏噜吗@ Tanjong Pagar Market

Finally finally finally… Finally got to try this nasi lemak stall at Tanjong Pagar Market! I
Author: slowchomp Date: Apr 22, 2014

Kim Kee Cooked Food 锦记熟食 @ Tanjong Pagar Market

So many things to eat yet dunno what to eat, that is the dilemma everyday! Lol…
Author: slowchomp Date: Mar 13, 2014

Mei Xiang Goreng Pisang 美香炸香蕉@Changi Village Hawker Centre

Could not resist adding this on to my dinner! Been a very long time since I
Author: slowchomp Date: Mar 7, 2014

Changi Village Hawker Centre

After a few consecutive days of feasting that created a big hole in the pocket, it
Author: slowchomp Date: Mar 7, 2014

Pandan Leaf Nasi Lemak @ Tanjong Pagar Market

Finally got my Pandan Leaf Nasi Lemak Fix! Been trying my luck every time I popped
Author: slowchomp Date: Jan 23, 2014

Traditional Hakka Rice 河婆客家擂茶@ Tanjong Pagar Market

Another favourite at the Tanjong Pagar Market and I am really glad that the Traditional Hakka
Author: slowchomp Date: Jan 21, 2014

Issan Thai Food 泰国东北美食 @ Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market

Finally laid my hands on this Phad Thai! Did not manage to eat it before the
Author: slowchomp Date: Jan 17, 2014

Soon Heng Food Delights 顺兴美食 @ Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market

My delicious Lor Bee Hoon Lunch, $3 today! Still as yummy as before, just that somehow
Author: slowchomp Date: Jan 10, 2014

Ang Mo Kio Lor Mee.Laksa 宏茂桥卤面. 叻沙

Whenever I am home and need to go to the market to get food for lunch,
Author: slowchomp Date: Apr 30, 2013

Hainan Chicken Rice海南鸡饭@Tanjong Pagar Market

My super cheap and filling Roasted Hainanese Chicken Rice, $2.50 for lunch today! Where else can
Author: slowchomp Date: Jan 21, 2013

Shanghai La Mian Xiao Long Bao 上海拉面小笼包 @Alexandra Village Food Center

Our Satisfying Dinner for Under $20. The recent rainy weather seems to have increased our craving
Author: slowchomp Date: Nov 25, 2012

Penang Prawn Noodles @AMK S11

Simple but satisfying dinner. Penang Hokkien Mee, $3.50 (I ordered kway teow instead) from S11 @
Author: slowchomp Date: Nov 20, 2012