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Yomenya Goemon Japanese Spaghetti House @ MBLM

“Slurping Spaghetti with Chopsticks” Ever heard of eating Spaghetti with Chopsticks?!?  To me, spaghetti is eaten
Author: slowchomp Date: Mar 30, 2012

Tonkotsu King @ Orchid Hotel, revisited

I am back at Tonkotsu King  in less than 2 weeks! I had not expected myself
Author: slowchomp Date: Mar 5, 2012

Tonkotsu King @ Orchid Hotel

It is not difficult to find the Keisuke Tonkotsu King at Orchid Hotel (just beside Tanjong Pagar
Author: slowchomp Date: Feb 22, 2012

Katsu Don @ Chris Japanese Cuisine @ TPC

I am back at TPC for lunch!!! Time for a sweet headache! 😉 Been away for
Author: slowchomp Date: Dec 5, 2011

Shin-Sapporo Ramen @Suntec City Mall

Tonight is another cold December night and what could be a better meal to complement such
Author: slowchomp Date: Dec 28, 2010

Baikohken Ramen@North Canal Road

This is my 2nd visit to Baikohken Ramen. This time round, we did not have to
Author: slowchomp Date: Nov 20, 2009

Baikohken Ramen @ North Canal Road

A col brought us to this Ramen Place at North Canal Road. It is a very
Author: slowchomp Date: Oct 16, 2009

Gindaco Takoyaki @ Ion Orchard

Finally got to eat the Takoyaki from Gindaco!! Still remembered the 1st time i ate it
Author: slowchomp Date: Aug 20, 2009