Canopy Garden Dining & Bar @ Bishan Park 2

Once in a while, it is therapeutic to wake up early on a Saturday morning for a nice Breakfast!

Nestled among the greenery is a restaurant called Canopy. It is located in Bishan Park 2 and if you drive, it is just a short walk from the carpark located along Ang Mo Kio Ave 1.

The exterior of the restaurant.

Makes you feel like you are overseas if not for the humid weather 😛

Inside the restaurant, view of the drinks counter

The interior of the restaurant makes one feel very comfortable and relax.


Another view of the interior with the high ceiling and the wine cellar in the background.

Brunch Menu – Brunch is from 9am to 5pm everyday! On Sat, Sun & Public Holiday, you get to start your day one hours earlier at 8am!

Menu – Eggs Plates

Grains Menu

Lunch menu

Drinks Menu

For more of the menu, click here

Outdoor seating

After placing our order, I went to explore the area a little. They have an outdoor seating area where 2 couples with their dogs and child are seated.

There is a bar area right at the end of the outdoor seating area too! Nice!

Back to food…

My  Latte, $5 

No latte art, just a simple glass with milk coffee that is a little bitter. You can adjust the sweetness with the raw sugar provided.

My BIL’s Cappucino, $5. 

This got us into laughing fits when the waitress who served it said it was kopi! Technically she is not wrong but we probably wouldn’t be paying $5 for a cup of kopi if it can be had at the coffeeshop for $1.20. 😛

Top view of the Canopy Angus Cheese Burger, $19.80 from the lunch menu.

It is served with grilled beef patty, melted cheese, bacon jam, pickled shallots, bread and butter cucumber, smoked ketchup, sesame fries, miso mayo and ikan bilis.

Another view with the melted cheese and juicy beef patty

Pretty interesting way to serve the fries with sesame and ikan bilis. The fries were a tad too hard though but goes well with the miso mayo

Cross section of the beef patty.

This is the default doneness for the beef patty and my preggy sister was shocked by the pinkness but the staff were very nice to take it back and had it made well done for her. The patty was soft and juicy but it could have been on the grill for a while longer to give it the grill flavour and to keep the meat intact as they crumbled when I cut into it.  So if you are scare of such pinkness, do specific the doneness when ordering.

My order of the Eggs Benedict Grande, $19.80 from the Egg Plates Menu

Why grande? Becuase it has serrano ham, tomato sofrito (pureed tomato sauce) and cofit red capsicum instead of just ham.

Look at the serrano ham! The saltiness of the cured ham gives this dish the saltiness it needed.The poached egg cannot be seen as it has been drowned by the hollandaise sauce! LOL.

Time for the egg test!

It was a little overdone as the yolk did not run but the whites were still soft and smooth. Overall a nice dish but the muffins were a tad hard and the hollandaise sauce a little too thick. With some minor adjustment, this dish would be perfect. If not, it is better shared as there are 2 on the plate.

My BIL’s order of The Waffle, $14.80, from the Grains Menu.

An interesting dish but I felt it had too much going on in there for breakfast! A savoury waffle dish with hot grilled waffles as the based and topped with sausage, crab meat, japanese mayo, gochujang chilli, bonito flake, tomato, lettuce & nacho cheese. So many things right? One word -Overwhelm! LOL

Overall, this is nice place to chill in the park! It is dog friendly too so dogs lovers have a place to chill with their pets after a stroll in the park.  Food and service wise will require some adjustment as I understand that they have just re-opened. Worth a try for the occasional indulgence for breakfast. People looking for venue for events/functions can consider booking this place too as there is a big carpark nearby and the deco is suitable for all occasions! Will be back to check out the dinner menu and ambience!

Canopy Garden Dining & Bar
1382 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1
Bishan Park 2
Singapore 569931
Tel: +65 91134666

Opening Hours(Last order 30 minutes before closing):
Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday: 8am – 5pm
Sunday – Thursday, Public Holiday: 5 – 10.30pm
Friday, Saturday & Eve of Public Holiday: 5 – 11pm


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