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Food forms a big part of Singaporeans’ lifestyle. Wherever you turn in Singapore, you are bound to be able to find an eatery or coffeeshop that is opened 24 hours a day. Greetings often comes with “Have you eaten” and conversations rarely stray away from discussing where one can find good food. Hence, it is not an exception when we go overseas, we look for nice food to eat. Perhaps we should just list eating as one of the hobby of Singaporeans! Haha
I am very glad to be able to travel to Cambodia for holiday this November. I have been eyeing this destination for a couple of years but it did not materialize till this year.  It was a good break from work and we had great weather, good company, a couple of scares (from losing SD cards to cameras and all the climbing and trekking) and of course, superb massage and delicious food kept us going for the 7 days! ;P

A quick recap of the places where we filled our growling tummies (In the order of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner):

11-Nov-2010: The Blue Pumpkin, Khmer Kitchen Restaurant & Temple
12-Nov-2010: Hotel (Steung Siem Reap), Krousar Khmer Restaurant & BBQ Lover
13-Nov-2010: Packed Breakfast by Hotel, Borey Sovann Restaurant & Khmer Kitchen Restaurant
14-Nov-2010: Hotel (Steung Siem Reap), Eating place at Koh Ker & The Red Piano
15-Nov-2010: Hotel (Steung Siem Reap), Sorya Shopping Center Food Court
16-Nov-2010: Hotel (Le Biz Hotel & Library), L’Atelier & KFC
16-Nov-2010: Hotel (Le Biz Hotel & Library), Bai Thong French & Indochinese Cuisine & The Pizza Company

Cambodian food are not spicy in general, quite unlike their neighbours in Thailand and the style is very much influenced by the French and Vietnamese though Western food are popping up all over due to the number of tourists visiting Cambodia. Urbanities who cannot do without Internet will be happy to know that Wifi is available, free for patrons, at most restaurants. Prices of main course ranged from USD3 -7, an amount which is out of reach for most Cambodians. If you feel that you have received good service or really enjoy the food or place, do remember to leave a tip. J

More detailed posts of the food which will be linked here is coming up later J

*Note: Posts are back-dated to the dates we visited to be fair to the establishments. 

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