Café Melba @Goodman Road

What greeted us while waiting for  a table

Left side of Cafe : The drinks section and pizza making area

Right side where the kitchen is.

Café Melba was running at full capacity when we arrived at close to 2pm. My friend was a little surprised as when he came during the weekend, it was not as crowded. However, we did not have to wait too long to get a table as the staff split up a 4 person table for us and the couple before us.

Table Setting. Love it.

View of Kitchen from where we were seated. Looking at the food waiting to be served is enough to cause our stomach to growl!

Eating out with a “semi-bottomless pit” who has gone hungry for the past 11 hours (assume 8 sleeping hours and 3 waking hours), you can be guaranteed of a spread on your table! I haven’t had the chance to soak in the atmosphere of the place and properly look through the menu and he has already decided what he wanted.


Drinks Menu

Service was prompt and food was served way faster than we thought though there was some confusion with the orders as they had split a table originally meant for 4.

My friend’s Ice Latte, $7

First came the Chilli Crab Pizza, $18.

A 9-inch wood fired thin crust pizza with crab meat, egg, spicy tomato sauce and mozzarella. An interesting mix of ingredients on a pizza and to me, it was not spicy at all. I guessed the egg probably covered whatever bit of spiciness there was in the tomato sauce. ;p

Closeup of my Chilli Crab Pizza with parmesan chesse and chilli flakes

Roasted vegetables, $8. A small, healthy portion of carrots, potatoes, pumpkins and asparagus.

Wild Mushroom Soup with truffle oil, $14.

The mushrooms were blended so finely that no extra movements were required when it went into my mouth. Haha.. We felt that it was a little watery and smooth ( we prefer to have some chunky bits) and pricey for our liking. Perhaps the soup of the day – Cream of Pumpkin Soup with pumpkin seeds would have been a better choice.

Food was served so quickly that our table was soon full and the waiter was a little trapped as to how he should serve us the remaining dishes which I ordered. We had to make way by doing away with the sides plates as the soup bowl and pizza took up almost the whole table!

The Full Melba Cooked breakfast, $25, consisting of 2 eggs (poached, scrambled or sunny side up), pork sausage, home cured bacon, roasted cherry vine tomatoes, baked beans, hash brown, mushroom and home made toast.

Testing the poach egg to see if it was runny and yes, it is! though the egg white was a little rubbery.

Smoked Portobello Mushroom Stack with rockets, goat’s cheese and tomatoes, $18.It was scattered with pine nuts and served with 3 thin slices of crispy bread. Lovely,refreshing and healthy dish!

I was glad that the staff discovered that I had a missing latte mid-way through my meal as it was taken by the “split table” due to some confusion. Even the bill was sent wrongly and the lady at the next table was going ” No Noo, that is not our bill!” and kept asking her male companion to check the bill… Hahahaha…

The drink came after a while with a heart latte art on it.

My friend’s 2nd drink – Latte, $5 with a smaller heart. Haha… Purpose of him ordering the drink is because he wanted to add the cube sugar to his drink! =.=”

The sugar cubes

Overall, Cafe Melba is a place suitable for families with children and pets as it boasts a big field and a bouncy castle where your little ones can exhaust themselves while you chill! You can choose to sit in the aircon area or dine al fresco. Brekkie is available from 8.30am to 4pm on weekends and Public Holidays and all day on Monday to Friday 10am to 10pm. Great news for people who are on leave, want to sleep in and yet enjoy a leisurely breakfast! Katong Swimming Pool is just a stroll away if u feel like having a dip after the satisfying meal.. ;p

I like how the flower added a nice feel to the place.

View of the cafe from the side door leading to the toilet

Map of Goodman Arts Centre if you need to locate where the Cafe is (you do not really need this, trust me!)

Café Melba
90 Goodman Road
Blk N #01-56
Goodman Arts Centre
Singapore 439052
Tel: 64406068

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