Bucktile St. Cafe @Faber Drive

Our Vesak Day Sugar Rush!

Not too sure how PB found out about this place but it is another cafe that is out of the way for public transport but fret not, the owners are friendly and will gladly give you the necessary directions to get there! They have also written it on their Facebook page so those wanting to visit can check that out.


I’d rather be the milk than cream in the coffee! HAHAHA

A side track to the row of birds outside the provision shop beside the cafe. Not too sure if they are called Mata Puteh as these birds have a white rim round their eyes. Beautiful

Back to the cafe, you can’t miss it with it bright red doors!

The cake display as you walk into the cafe

Clocks with the timing in different parts of Singapore lining the wall.

I am surprised to see that the cafe is almost full at close to 4pm. There were families playing games with their children, couples chilling and students studying.

The other side of the cafe with many clocks too but this time, I am puzzled by the timing shown for the various parts of Singapore. Why are they different? Perhaps they should be different so that we can have daylight all the time in SG! LOL

A panel for the Bucket List and where you self-help the plain water, cutlery, salt and pepper, etc. There are some card games available for you to play too!

The big black gorilla in the cot is so cute! Not too sure if the cot can really be used by patrons with kids?

Menu and wooden blocks showing the date and month

Some of the Coffee menu, Prices are pretty standard ( i’d used cafe latte as a benchmark)

The Cucumber Lime Mojito really interest me but I’ll stick to latte for today

Pots of Misu. One each please!

Fries fries fries.. all too tempting..

And when a woman is let loose in a cafe like Bucktile, you are in for trouble for you will definitely end up with a SUGAR RUSH!

PB’s jaw almost drop when these were served! They are enough sugar for 4 pax! 😛

Close up of the Ulu Pandan Cake, $7.90

Top view of the three-tier cake with salted caramel and desiccated coconut.

Loved how the salted caramel contrasted with the sweet and fragrant pandan cake. This is a pretty dense cake and with 3-tiers, it can get a little filling.


The irresistable Pots of Misu!

From left to right: Buck Tile’s Tiramisu in a Pot, Buck Tile’s Oreomisu in a Pot and Buck Tile’s Horlickmisu in a Pot,  $5.90 each 

Digging in, the cross section of the 3 Misu-s. There are no eggs nor alcohol so it is safe for preggy ladies. Of the 3 flavours, I like the Horlick Misu best! It can get a little messy eating the misu-s in a pot with the tiny wooden spade provided but that’s what gardening is about isn’t it? 😉

PB’s order of Waffles – Original Waffles ($4.40) drizzled with Maple Syrup and topped with a scoop of Earl Grey Ice-cream ($3.50).

I am not a big fan of waffles but this one is not bad. The only grouse would be the pretty artificial taste of the earl grey from the ice cream.

Normal fries are too passe and hence we ended up with SPAM FRIES, $8.90! They are basically luncheon meat cut up to look like fries. Luncheon meat lovers will like it. Me too if there is a nice cold beer… 😛

Our drinks that came really late. PB’s Vanilla Latte, $6.50 in the foreground and my Cafe Latte, $5 in the background.  With all the desserts that we had, the coffee tasted a little bitter. My suggestion for the cafe would be to hold the sweet stuff and serve lattes first so that customers can enjoy your beautiful coffee.

A nice cafe to chill in with plenty of beautiful cakes to try. Prices are nett (GST already inclusive) and they accept credit card for payment too so you will not worry about running out of cash to pay them. Other than it being a little ulu (out of the way), peeps with cars will be glad to know that there are parking right outside the cafe. Just be considerate and park properly so as not to cause inconvenience to the residents staying nearby.

Buck Tile St. Cafe
104 Faber Drive
Singapore 129412
Tel: 6566 7058

Opening Hours:
Closed on wednesday
Monday – Tuesday: 12pm – 11pm
Thursday – Sunday: 12pm – 11pm

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bucktile.st
Instagram: https://instagram.com/bucktile.st
Email: ask@bucktilestcafe.com  ( you can book the place for corporate events too)

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