Boufé Boutique Cafe @ Phoenix Park, Tanglin Road

Our Hari Raya Puasa Special!

Do these cakes look pretty? This was what lured me to Boufé Boutique Cafe at Phoenix Park. This place is a little inaccessible by public transport and my suggestion would be to take a cab in or to get a friend with a car to drive you in as it is a pretty long walk from the nearest bus stop.

Clear blue skies from the entrance of Boufé.

Entrance to Boufé, recognisable from the Big B.

Boufé Boutique Cafe

Opening hours stated at their entrance.

Do note that they are closed on certain days for private event so do check out before visiting to avoid disappointment.

View of the interior.

Looking pretty magical with the lights and white furniture.

A white black detailing what to order while at Boufé.

Some of their specialty includes Steak Are High, Pulled Pork Egg Benedict, Softshell Crab Burger, Truffles Fries, Milky Way, Mini Unicorn Cake, Mini Mushroom melts, etc.

There is an outdoor area at the back of the cafe that is suitable for events or wedding. Very cosy and pretty area but beware of the mozzies though as a lady came in with bites all over her legs and filled the cafe with the smell of her ointment.

Menu – All Day Menu

There are indicators beside dishes that are photo worthy so if you are looking out for nice food pics, you can consider ordering them.

Menu – Snacks and Desserts

Menu – Beverages

For more of their menu, click here.

Checking out the cake display after placing our orders.

All the cakes look so good but with just the 2 of us, I have to limit myself and not over order in case I get a sugar rush like last time. LOL.

Close up of the Milky way Cake.

Everyone is unique due to the way it is made and there is no way to duplicate another that looks exactly the same.

Close up of the Daisy.

Close up of the Mini Unicorn. Love those lashes! 😉

Close up of Strawberry Shortcake.

Close up of the Royale Emerald.

Bucket of Cutlery at the table.

PB’s Ice Latte, $5.50+

My Latte, $5+

Smooth and robust! PB would have added suagr to this but I like it just like that.

My Triple B, $20+.

Boufé’s Big Breakfast – Croissant served with scrambled eggs, assorted sausages, honey glazed bacon, sauteed mushroom and fresh greens.

Top view of the Triple B

Close up of the sausages and scrambled eggs.

Close up of the honey-glazed bacon and mushrooms.

Close up of mushrooms and croissant.

The croissant kinda let me down as their description of “freshly baked buttery croissant” did not match the texture of what was served. Perhaps my expectations were too high. 😛

Cross section of the sausages.

Juicy sausages and one of it is cheese sausage as it burst when I tried to cut it 🙂

PB’s Steak are High, $20+, looking pretty impressive.

Another view of the Steaks are High – 4 homemade onion rings with malt vinegar stack on top of Australia Oyster Blade Beef and hash brown served with greens.

PB had asked for medium but it was pretty well done but it was still juicy though a tad tough on the outside.

Love the thick hash brown!

Milky Way Cake, $8.50+, that I came here for!

Suddenly felt that it looked like the shape of my Tsum Tsum! LOL

So pretty and glossy and we just cannot get enough of it!

 A 360 degree video of the cake. (*FB had reduced the resolution of the video. For a clearer one, go to my google photos)

Cutting open to review the pretty inside consisting of white chocolate yoghurt mousse, honey genoise, chocolate sable and calamansi jelly.

Get a bit of everything in each bite and the tanginess from the calamansi jelly will balance out the sweetness of the white chocolate. A tiny cake that was gone way too quickly. 😛

Our total bill came up to $64.90 after including 10% service charge. Credit cards are accept so you do not need to worry about not having enough cash with you.  A nice chillax place (though a bit ulu) for a lazy weekend out. 🙂

Boufé Boutique Cafe
308 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park, #01-01, Singapore 247974
Tel: 67347656
Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 8AM – 7PM
Saturday and Sunday : 9AM – 7PM (LO at 6pm)
Do check out their website/facebook/instagram for updated opening hours.

To view all the photos/video, click here

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