Blue Garden Korean BBQ Restaurant @Tiong Bahru

It is back to Korean for dinner tonight although Vietnamese and Thai food floated in our discussion!

Back Entrance

PB suggested visiting this Korean restaurant and since it is a Saturday, I decided that out of the 3 options, this should be the place with the easiest parking available.

Located in Tiong Bahru at Level One in Link Hotel, we entered the restaurant from the back entrance where the carpark was and was warmly greeted by the lady boss. 

We were ushered to a table where she turned on the gas stove for us and we were left on our own after that. Not knowing how it works, I had to attempt to get the attention of the staff to check as the lady boss was busy on the phone.

Aisle with the TV and the cooked food section. Drinks are right at the end of this section and they are chargeable. Prices range from $3++ from a soft drink to over $30 for the Korean Wines.

Some of the cooked food – Fried Chicken Wings, Korean Rice cake and fried rice

The chicken wings were very good and crispy! Must try. Stocks are replenished when the trays are empty.


More cooked food – Japchae, clams and french fries

Went on to explore the variety available for BBQ

Pickled sides, mushrooms, tomatoes and toboki.

Taken from the other angle to include the fruits (watermelon and orange)

Moving on, there were salads, raw squids, sausages, wine pork belly, pork collar and flower crab for you to take.

I was uncomfortable to take the salad as it was located too close to the raw seafood and some of the water may just accidentally drip in. I think they should rearrange this section to prevent contamination.

Moving on to the meat section: Beef Belly, Pork Belly, Pork and Chicken Bulgogi

More meat: Beef Ribeye, Marinated Pork Belly, Marinated Pork and Beef Bulgogi

Moving on, there were prawns, mussels and more vegetables like corn, pumpkin, carrot, cucumber, garlic, green chilli and most importantly, lettuce! The lettuce here are very fresh.

Condiments section where you help yourself to the bean paste, vingear, sesame oil, salt,etc. This is also the area where you get your plates, serviettes and cutleries, etc.


Round 1: The meat that I took. From top left clockwise: Beef Ribeye, Chicken Bulgogi, Pork Bulgogi and Marinated Pork

Took some prawns and the pork bellies too.

The vegetables that I conservatively took as PB is not a fan of eating the meat with the lettuce

Attacking the cooked food section by taking my fav Japchae, the chicken wings and toboki to try.

Round 2 of the vegetables that we had

Round 2 of the meat we had.

Midway, I decided to have a Korean Beer – Hite 300ml, $9++, to help reduce the heatiness.

It was quite light and goes well with the BBQ meat

The Mingo Ice Cream that we had to end off the meal – Chocolate, vanilla and mango. PB polished off the chocolate ones, leaving me with only one spoonful 🙁

This would be what you would see when you enter the restaurant from the main entrance. Prices and time limit for the buffet is stated on the black board.

Behind the pillar is this black board with their restaurant name but unfortunately, it is too bright to be captured by the phone’s camera.

View of the interior and the food variety from the main entrance

Our bill came up to $80.98 after including my small bottle of beer,  7% GST and 10% service charge. Food is decent and ambience is comfortable for there was not many people here on a Saturday night. If it is running at full capacity, then there is no escape from smelling of the BBQ when you leave as there are no pipes to take away the smoke. Everything here is self service, although I feel that the bare minimum would be to at least have a table that is set with cutlery and to give a basic intro to the guest regarding the buffet. If you want to avoid the crowds on a weekend, this is one place you can consider.

Blue Garden Korean BBQ Buffet Restaurant
50 Tiong Bahru Road,
Link Hotel,#01-07
Tel: 62240700
Opening hours:
Lunch: 12pm to 3pm
Dinner: 5.30pm to 10.30pm
Buffet Prices:
Mon – Thur: Lunch: $17.90++ (Adult), $12.90++ (Child)
Dinner: $24.90++ (Adult), $17.90++ (Child)
Fri-Sun & Public Holiday: Lunch: $21.90++ (Adult), $16.90++ (Child)
Dinner: $29.90++ (Adult), $21.90++ (Child)
*time limit of 120min*

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