Bittergourd Double Fish Thick Bee Hoon @ Halim’s Fish Soup, J8

Something healthy for dinner – Bittergourd Double Fish Thick Bee Hoon, $5.30!

Halim’s Fish Soup at The Food Junction at Bishan Junction 8.

Did not know what to order and ended up with a double fish soup. The bowl was too wide, causing my bee hoon and fish to be swimming inside! Also, I wished there were more of the deep-fried egg to give enhance th flavour of the entire dish. 😛

A lot of customers ordered the steamboat during the peak dinner time. It looks really interesting and good and most of them are shared between 2 person. Since I am alone and not too hungry, I did not dare to order that. On hindsight, I should have just gone for it! Will be trying that the next time I am there as it looks really good!

Halim’s Fish Soup
Bishan Junction 8
Stall #8


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