Bistro One Zero Three @ Pasir Panjang

First time leaving at 6pm on Friday for dinner! Usually by the time I leave office, I would just be moon tanning but today, I still had a fair bit of sunlight though the sky looks overcast!

Since we are early, I thought we could head to Bistro One Zero Three along Pasir Panjang Road for dinner. We were stuck in the car for more than 45 min although the journey was only 15 minutes from my office. The reason was because we are not familiar with the area and missed the bistro and had to U-turn back, getting caught in the peak traffic jam going towards the east in the process! 🙁 So for those who are unfamiliar with this area, lookout for the Manhill Restaurant and turn into the slip road called Jalan Pelepah as there a public carpark there to park your car.

Bistro One Zero Three is located at one corner of Manhill Restaurant.

Warm cosy interior. View of the place from where we were seated. Even the elder folks are eating here! The food must be good. 😛

The Food Menu. No GST! Yeah! And everything listed looks good!

The Drinks Menu – A wide variety of drinks for you to choose from to accompany your meal.

We started with the Salad – Warm Balsamic Mushroom, $10.

Close up of the salad – A big portion but we felt that the salad dressing was too thick for our liking. The shitake mushrooms was nice but if it can be sautee a little more, the taste would be better.

The guys were ordering the appetisers as if they were checking off some questionnaires and I had to put a hold to it. If not we will probably see 2 guys bursting at their belly walking out of the Bistro and me happy with plenty of food pictures!  LOL

Salt and Pepper Squid (Chill mayo), $6.90

Piping hot and yummy squid.

Crusty Garlic Bread, $4.80. I gave this a missed but took the one from the escargot to taste and it was crusty but lack the garlic punch.

Our Escargot au Gratin with garlic toast, $10

Fishing out the escargot from the cream sauce. There was no snail taste and the sauce went very well with the toast.

With such a good meal and company, I just had to order some wine 🙂 Why not when there is a promotion of $15 for 2 glasses of red/white/moscato/sangria? Without the promotion it is $9 each which I find is pretty decent. I started with a Sangria as my other 2 companions needed to drive later and cannot drink 😛

My sangria looks a little dull and lonely. The colourful chopped fruit friends are missing and there is only one lonely slice of lemon in it. Haha.. Having said that, I still like it 🙂

One of their Ice Lemon Tea, $3.80

Another’s Hazelnut Cafe Latte, $6.20

All the Meat Mains appeal to us but we settled on 2 mains to share after having so many extra starters. 😛

Crispy Duck Leg served with red wine garlic and orange sauce, rustic mash, vegetables, $24.90

Side view of the Crispy Duck Leg and the sauce glistening under the bright lights.

The skin was crispy and the meat was tender. I like the zucchini and mashed potatoes too! Can’t get enough of it!


Kurobuta Pork Collar served with pickled cabbage salad, worcestershire sauce and fries, $29.90

Close up of the 2 pieces of meaty pork collars. It was juicy and you can taste the herb marinate.

The fries were of the right size and tasted great dipped in the sauce. The pickled cabbage is a great accompaniment to the dish as it helps to cleanse your palate.

I was deciding whether to get another Sangria after all the food or to try their house wine. Since I am a person who likes to try many things, I settled for a glass of house white. On second thoughts, I should have started with this instead of the sangria so that I taste it better… 😛

Ladies always have a compartment for desserts and this applies to the 2 men with me too and we ordered 2 to share.

Lychee Sorbet, $5. Frankly, this did not work for us. It was not as refreshing as we had thought.

The Warm Walnut Brownie with French Vanilla Ice Cream, $6.80, tasted way better!

Close up of the Brownie and Vanilla Ice Cream. The brownie was not too sweet and with every bite, you get the crunch of the walnuts in it. Vanilla ice cream and brownie never goes wrong but we wish the taste of vanilla can be stronger in the ice cream. Lovely dessert though.

Bistro 103 has a corner dedicated to Southern Australia Wine which you can order to accompany your meal too. Overall, it is a nice and cosy place to have a meal but do check out their Facebook page in case they are close for private events.

Bistro One Zero Three
103 Pasir Panjang Road
Singapore 118531
Tel: 64766373

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