Bistro Du Vin @ Zion Road

We are off to a French date at Bistro Du Vin at Zion Road, part of the Les Amis Group, on a Thursday night which happens to be the eve of Hari Raya Puasa this year!

As usual, PB was awfully late and we only arrived at the restaurant at 9.15pm after checking that their last orders were at 9.45pm.

Entrance with the al-fresco dining area from where we were parked along the road.

There is a small parking area at the Zion Road Food Center just beside this restaurant in case you cannot find any along the road. You can also park at Great World Shopping Centre as it is just across the road.

The wine cupboard from where we were seated

View of the interior of the restaurant with a chalkboard scribbled with their Plat Du Jour

The service staff was very observant and placed a mini version of the “Dish of the Day” on our table when he saw me trying very hard to read what was on the main board 🙂

The Menu

2 or 3 courses lunch menu.

Looks pretty good and I should try to find time and try them out! For more detailed lunch menu, click here

Menu – Starters/Appetisers

Menu – Mains

Menu – Desserts

Ice water for PB was served together with the remainder in a wine bottle while my warm water was served in a tall glass.

I decided to add-on a Rosé, $15 (150ml glass) to start my meal. 😛

The house-bread that was served warm was polished off by PB soon after

Close up of the crispy crust and soft insides of the bread

The Balsamic vingear and olive oil dip that we requested for

First up, PB’s order of the appetizer – Salade de Tomatoes, $15 

For someone who does not like to eat tomatoes, I was surprised when PB wanted to order this starter which comprises of Cherry and Momotaro Tomato and Feta Chesse with vanilla scented vinaigrette.

Close up of the Tomato Salad.

The tomatoes were nicely chilled, firm and sweet and goes very well with the feta cheese whose light salty taste contrasted with the sweetness of the tomato and the fragrance of the vanilla vinaigrette. Thumbs up!

Somehow when I think of France, I will be reminded of Mussels in a pot and invariably ordered one!

Close up of the Mussels Mariniere, $22 from the dish of the day

Close up of the mussels

They were not huge, were very tender and fresh and goes so well with the wine sauce. Just missing those frites to dip into the sauce hence I did it with the bread  😛


My pot of mussels with a side plate to hold the empty shells

Very enjoyable mussels with nary of those taste from mussels that I am scare of.

Next came my main course served in a Le Creuset Pot!

There you see it – Jarret d’Agneau Braise, $36

Close up of the slow-cooked lamb shank in white wine, white onions and confit cherry tomatoes.

It was served with a dish of potatoes by the side which I felt should have been dunked into the main dish to soak up those lovely sauce!

My Main Course!

The lamb shank was so perfectly cooked that the meat literally melts in your mouth. All I needed to do was to lightly pull the meat away from the bone and it came off cleanly!

It was so enjoyable that I felt there was not enough meat as it was gone too soon!

PB ordered the Le Porc Iberique, $38 on the recommendation from his ex-colleague.

The shoulder blade of the Iberican Pork was firm and every bite releases the char-grilled fragrance, the sweetness of the pork coupled with a light mustard taste. Yumz!  The mashed potato on the side was soft and fluffy and disappears once it is in your mouth! A highly recommended dish when you are here!

No meal is complete without having some desserts and PB ordered his fav tiramisu, but served here with a twist called the Pink Tiramisu!

Another view of the Pink Panther “Pink Tiramisu”, $12 with the lady’s finger well soaked with liquer! Feels drunk just eating this! 😛

My choice of a Soufflé and was told this is a normal Soufflé but it was not at all normal for it had alcohol in it!

Le Soufflé au Grand Marnier, $17

Look at how well the Soufflé has risen!

The outer crust was crispy but the inside was so soft with certain parts with stronger taste of the Grand Marnier. Loves the vanilla ice-cream served with it too!

PB’s Latte, $6

Corks at the entrance

A road sign with a super old 4 digit postal code on the walls outside the restaurant – part of Singapore’s history is retained here 😛

Overall, a very enjoyable meal at a nice place to chill and enjoy a nice wine with great tasting food sans the overly loud crowd. Our bill came up to $164.78 which is pretty value for money considering how much we ate! What makes the deal sweeter is an on-going promotion called Salon Gourmet By HSBC where you will receive 15% off ala carte bill from 01 Jun 2015 to 31 August 2015. So what are you waiting for? 😛

For the list of participating European Restaurant, click here.

Bistro Du Vin
56 Zion Rd,
Singapore 247781
Tel: 6836 6313
Opening hOurs: Lunch: 12:00 – 2:00 pm
Dinner: 6:30 – 10:00 pm

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