Beauty in the Pot 美滋锅@ OneKM Mall, Tanjong Katong Road

Steamboats are just perfect for rainy weathers, especially one filled with collagen-y goodness or nourishing yet spicy ones to warm up your stomach!

Finally trying out Beauty in the Pot and PB decided that we should visit the one at OneKM Mall instead of the Centrepoint one that has recently opened. Our attempts to make a reservation via the phone was fruitless hence, we ended up waiting one hour for a table for 2.

The outlet is open till 3am and there is even a 20% off food ingredients if you visit the restaurant after 10.30pm. Great new and good value for money for people who have late dinner or is looking for supper places.

Unbelievable deal during the weekday where you get the otak-otak fish paste for only $1 (org $10 up) with a minimum of $50 spent which is easily achieved.

Entry to the restaurant

After waiting for close to one hour, we were served complimentary mango juice and given the menu to place our orders.

Menu Cover


Menu – Twin Flavour Broth, $26++ per pot

A pot that give you best of both worlds with 2 soup bases.

The 2 soup bases available – Beauty Collagen broth (Sharks’ Cartiliage) 娇原蛋白养颜美容锅  (翅骨汤) and Spicy Nourishing Broth (Pork Bone soup) 滋补养生香辣锅 (猪骨汤)

You can tweak the spiciness of the spicy broth from mild, spicy to extra spicy depending on your preference.

Menu – Beef and Mutton

Half portions are available which is great for small groups or for people who wants to try many things!

Menu – Beef and mutton (Sliced US Beef, Beef Tripe, Sliced Lamb)

Menu – Pork (Nagano Pork Belly, Sliced Pork Belly, Sliced Pork Collar)

Menu – Pork (Pork Jowl, US Kurobuta Pork, Sliced Pork)

Menu – Pork (Luncheon Meat, Pig’s kidney, Liver and intestine)

Menu – Chicken meat and sausages

Menu – Handmade balls (Assorted  Balls Platter, Beef Balls, Fish Balls)

Menu – Handmade balls (soft bone pork meat balls, mushroom balls, cuttlefish balls, cheesey chicken balls)

Menu – Specialty Homemade Paste

Looks so good but we did not order them this round cos there were just too many things that we wanted to try but gotta limit cos of limited stomach space! 😛

Menu – Seafood (Pomfret, Sliced Toman fish, Red Garoupa)

Menu – Seafood (Fresh Red Leg Sea Prawns, Live Drunken Tiger Prawns, Sea Cucumber and fish maw)

Menu – Seafood (green mussels, scallops, squid rings)

Menu – Seafood (Dried Fish Maw, japanese crab stick, hokkaido fresh scallops, 10-head abalone, red clams)

Menu – Dumplings

Menu  – Beancurd (Signature Fish Tofu, Firm tofu, Silken Tofu. Iced Tofu)

Menu – Beancurd (Dried Beancurd sticks, beancurd skin tripe, tofu puff, fried beancurd skin)

Menu – Mushrooms (assorted mushroom platter, fresh mushroom, white and hon shimeiji, bamboo fungus)

Menu – Mushrooms (drumstick mushroom, Enoki Mushrooms, abalone mushrooms, black fungus)

Menu – Vegetables (Spinach, baby chinese spinach, chinese cabbage, baby romaine lettuce)

Menu – Vegetables (Lettuce, Tang O, Sliced Lotus root, sliced potato)

Menu – Vegetables (Bamboo Shoot, Pearl Sweet corn, Golden Taro, Sliced winter melon, white radish)

Menu – Others (Quail’s Egg, Kelp, Fried Fish skin, Crystal Vermicelli)

Menu – Noodles (Potato Wide/thin Vermicelli, Glass Noodles, rice cake, la mian)

Menu – Drinks

Menu – Takeaway option available

Menu – Other restaurant under the paradise group

Ordering via the Ipad when our table was almost ready.

You can preview what you have ordered and the price so that you do not get a shock when paying the bill..

The broth looks more appetising on the ipad than on the printed menu 😛

Part of the interior with tables for 4 pax.

Interior with tables for bigger groups.

Our Twin Flavour Pot waiting at the table when we were seated.

We were also given an apron and a zip lock bag to protect our phones from splatter.

Very thoughtful indeed.

The sauces that you can help yourself to. It is chargeable at $2.60++ per pax  even if you do not take any.

More ingredients to make your dipping sauce.

If you are clueless as to how to make your dipping sauce, you can follow the suggested recipes for the sauces on the board.

Free flow of rice.

Reminds me of the Taiwan hotpot that I had that give free flow of rice too.

Just had to take some to try 😛

My self-concoted dipping sauce.

Plenty of coriander and sesame with vingear and soya sauce and some cut chillies.

These milky broth were placed on our table for us to add to the soup.

Boiling broth while waiting for our ingredients to be served.

The tofu in the beauty pot tasted soooo good!

Cooking aids and scoops on the table. So cute.

How I used my apron as I drop more than I splatter. 😛

Assorted Balls Platter, $11++

I think we were given fish, mushrooms, cuttlefish and soft bone pork minced balls in the platter above. (forgot to ask the service staff) 😛

US Angus Prime Short Ribs (Half portion-$13.50++, Full portion-$27++)

Love it!

US Kurobuta Pork (Half portion-$9.50++, Full portion-$19++)

Pork Jowl (Half portion-$6++, Full portion-$12++)

Signature Homemade Fish Tofu ($1.80++per piece, min order of 2 pieces)

Another view of the tofu.

We were told to cook it for 8 minutes and not leave it on the table for it will start to melt.

The fish tofu cooking in the beauty pot.

The cooked tofu fish.

Cross section of the tofu fish.

Very nice and smooth and a little full after eating it.

Crystal Vermicelli (Half portion-$4++, Full portion-$8++)

Fried Fish Skin (Half portion-$6.50++, Full portion-$11++)

Live Drunken Tiger Prawns (Half portion-$12++, Full portion-$24++)

They were pretty “drunk” by the time they were served on our table as non was moving.

For 150grams, we received 5 tiger prawns soaked in the huadiao wine.

Our cooked prawns.

The best part about ordering the prawns was that the service staff will help you to cook them and even peel it for you! There is no need to dirty your fingers at all! Just sit back, relax, tell them what broth  you want to cook it in and they will take care of the rest for you.

The nicely de-shelled prawns.

Once done, all you have to do is to pick up your chopstick to pick up the firm prawns and put them into your mouth! Yumz!

Hokkaido Scallops (Half portion-$11++, Full portion-$22++)

US Marbled Beef Cubes, (Half portion-$14++, Full portion-$28++)

First time trying beef cubes with hotpot and we were told to cook it for 3 minutes to get the best out of it.

Fishing the net out of the soup after 3 minutes.

The cooked beef cubes.

I still prefer the thinly sliced beef to shabu in the pot than this beef cube as I found it a bit hard and full of vein.

Service staff helping to put the handmade balls into the soup according to our preference.

Mushroom balls cooked in collagen broth.

Mushroom balls cooked in spicy broth.

Cuttlefish ball cooked in spicy broth.

Fishball cooked in spicy broth.

Soft bone pork minced balls cooked in spicy broth.

All the handmade balls were very bouncy and you can really feel the real ingredients in it. Definitely recommended to try them!

Hokkaido scallops and crystal vermicelli cooked in collagen broth.

Recommended cooking time for the scallops was one minute and they came out tender and sweet. Thumbs up! As for the vermicelli, I literally cooked it to death so that it can soak up the delicious broth.

Crystal vermicelli cooked in spicy broth.

Loved how it has soaked up the goodness of the soup and still reatins its texture! Yumz!

Nice marbling on the angus beef.

Kurobuta pork cooked in spicy broth.

The kurobuta pork was a tad to fat and vein-y for me.

Pork jowl.

Still prefer the beef to the pork.

My spicy mushroom porridge 😛

Made with rice I took from the free flow corner, mushrooms and tofu from the beauty collagen broth and topped off with spicy, numbing, pipping hot soup from my spicy nourishing broth. Simply delish! Give me a bowl of this anytime and I will be a happy man! 😛

PB playing on his protected phone.

Overall, we topped up the broth 2 times on our own and the staff helped us with another 2 bottles so all in, we basically topped up 4 bottles of the yummy soup to prevent those in our hotpot from getting too salty.

At the end of our meal, we were given complimentary dessert – Yuzu Slushie to cleanse our palate.

My first taste of it was it was a tad bitter but the subsequent shots were sweet and nice. Reminisce of the Yuzu slushie I had at Elixir Health Pot in Taiwan that was so nice 😛

Our total bill came up to $147.71 after 10% service charge and 7% GST which may a little expensive for 2 person but you can reduce it by bring along more friends as that should average down the cost of the broth as it is fixed regardless of the number of diners. The other way is to join the paradise membership and get rebates when you dine there.  The availability of half portions here is genius as we get to try many different types of food.  Service is great especially for people who do not know how to cook as the staff will advise you the cooking time and assist you in cooking them. They have also adopted Taiwanese service style where they will bow when they leave your table, something that I feel is not really appreciated in Singapore as Singaporeans expect fuss-free, quick and uninterrupted service and may not pay attention to these small details. To those who do, thank you for appreciating their hardwork in attempting to improve service levels in Singapore.  🙂

Beauty in The Pot 美滋锅
11 Tanjong Katong Rd,
Singapore 436950
Tel: 67022542
Opening Hours:
Mon-Thur: Lunch: 11am-3pm, Dinner: 5:30pm-1am
Fri, Sat & Eve of PH: 11am-3am
Sun & PH: 11am-1am

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