This is the 2nd “official” food tasting session with my team..

Running out of ideas, we decided to hit Vivo City and went to Barcelos on the recommendation of a col. As we went before 12, the restaurant was stil quite empty and it was not difficult to find seats for a big group. But if you go any later, finding seats for more than 6 pax may be a bit difficult.

If you are a chicken lover, you will like the healthy grilled chicken offered there. The menu may be a bit limited for pple wanting more variety. After looking at the menu for ages, most of us decided on getting the lunch promo – 1/4 chicken with a side and free drink – which costs S$10.95. Variety for sides includes chicken soup, fries, corn, spicy wedges (need to add $2 ). I opted for the soup which came as a surprise as it was clear soup and not the creamy ones that you would associate with Western Food. It was pleasantly cleansing and sweet and came with lots of chicken and carrot shreds.

The chicken itself was not too bad. The sauces that came with it were pretty special. It reminded me of Nandos that i had in London and Australia. The peri peri sauce were really spicy for me but my cols find it ok. The tangy lemon sauce was not bad too. Think what differentiate this restaurant is the sauce that is being served. Instead of the usual chilly sauce (they have it too), you get mild peri, peri peri, super peri and tangy lemon. You can buy the sauces from the restaurant too if you really like it.

My chicken soup and drink. You can have free flow of drink if you add an additional $1.

My full meal. The plate is not supposed to be this messy. They mixed up my col and my order and we have to do the swop ourselves hence the “dirty” plate. I had asked for mild peri sauce to go with my chicken but they did it as super peri instead which was my col’s order.

My col’s Grilled chicken burger meal. Forgot if it was part of the lunch promo too.. but price should not exceed 12.

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