Bangkok Jam @Great World City

What did you do during Earth Hour today? We were jammed in Bangkok… LOL.. No I mean our mouth were jammed with the lovely Thai inspired dishes from Bangkok Jam at Great World City! 😀

Lovely Coaster – I am always in love with Bangkok!

The crowds seems to have dispersed to the Earth Hour events all over Singapore hence we could walk in and get a table at around 8.40pm. Though I had told my dining companion that I am not hungry and will only be eating dessert but my stomach set another direction after looking at the simple but very appetising menu! 😛

The very simple 2 page menu. Refer to the detailed menu here

We did not order the traditional favourites or must eat like Pad Thai, Beef Noodles and Tom Yum Soup as we had tried them before and is looking for something different to try. We ended up with the following Soup, Salad and a Side/Main to share.

 Three Flavour Noodle Crisps with Shrimps, mee crab, ($9.90).  This is a side/main dish that left an indelible impression on us. We were intrigued by the flavours and texture of this dish coupled with the very big and fresh prawns.  They had changed the presentation of this dish by compacting the noodle crisps into a cylindrical shape and then topping it with the prawns. Nice presentation. As usual, we were trying to figure out the three flavours of the noodle crisp. There is definitely sugar/honey as there was a sweet taste. Tomato? That was derived from the colour of the noodle and the third… we gave up and proceed to scoop mouthfuls of the noodles into our mouth! LOL.. The prawns were a little tiny this time round though..

Next came the soup –  Tom Yum Coconut Broth with Chicken and Herbstom khai gai ($7.90).

A tiny bowl packed with perfectly cooked chicken that was tender and smooth, huge straw mushrooms, tomatoes and plenty of herbs like basil, lime, curry leaves and lemongrass. This is one soup that can be enjoyed by all who love the flavours of Tom Yum san its spiciniess but coupled with rich creamy coconut broth.

The salad – Spicy Papaya with Crispy Soft-Shell Crab, som tum poo nim, ($11.50) came last.

The soft shell crab was crisp and hot and there was plenty of roe in it. YUM

The papaya salad set me on FIRE! LOL.. It was really really spicy, so much so that I could not eat it without downing water or the coconut soup or whatever methods I can find to reduce the heat! I even picked out all the chilli to prevent the spiciness from sipping out any future and  me from chewing on any!  My dinner companion stayed well away from it after seeing my expression as the spiciness would probably send him crashing through the roof! whaha.. I guess they need a staff to QC the spiciness of the chilli as I realised it does vary from season to season. This salad kept my tummy very warm for the night. 😛

My companion’s Thai Milk Tea ($4.80). A lovely drink that you should try. It just taste different from the milk tea that we get from the coffeeshop. I gave it a missed this time as I found it a little too sweet.

Overall, food was ok though service needs to be improved as it varies from person to person. We received good service from some but others were confused. Our bill got mixed up although there was only 3 tables left. The waiter passed us the bill meant for another table with a $10 note as change when we had actually presented a credit card. Another point to note near closing time is cleaning up of the place.  I am ok with the staff packing up for the day but am a little uncomfortable with the spraying of detergent/antiseptic on the chairs pushed beside me while I am still eating. I would not want to imagine the consequences of the detergent getting into my food and into my stomach. :O

Picture of the lovely display at the counter while waiting for my QR Code. My very first try with the Perx Rewards they offered left me waiting at the cashier. I feel that if service is charged, the code could be brought to scan at the table when the bill is returned instead of the customer walking to the cashier?

My Perx Chop at Bangkok Jam – You get one with every $30 spent.

Bangkok Jam will be opening its 2nd outlet in Wheelock Place in May2012! Do look out for it!

Great World City
1 Kim Seng Promenade, #02-26,
Singapore 237994
Tel: 6732 4523
Last Order at 9:30pm


Photos taken with Iphone4S

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