Bakerzin @myVillage Serangoon Garden

  We adjourned to Bakerzin for more catchup after a little shopping around the area. This place has really changed so much and I would describe it as a mini Holland Village with the type of shops available in myVillage. The main difference is that it is not as crowded as HollandV. A good place to chill without having to jostle with the crowd over the weekend.

My girlfriend raved about the Chocolate Soufflé ,$11.50 which we ordered. She said that it is the best soufflé in Singapore! Hahaha.. I was trying to recall how a soufflé tasted like but my memory bank churned out nothing! I have not tasted soufflé before though I have read and seen so much about them!

The Chocolate Soufflé  that is served with a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream.

You can never takeaway soufflé as it collapse every quickly after being served. It looks like one easy dessert to make but so many people have complained about not being about to make it properly. The one that we had was light and fluffy and kinda disappeared in your mouth – my first taste of soufflé and I give it the thumbs up! We just could not get enough of it and with a fan of this dessert at your table, it is gone in no time! LOL

We also ordered the Coupé Chesesecake Verrine, $12.50 to share . Had wanted to order the signature warm chocolate cake to share but since we already have chocolate in our soufflé, we settled for a different flavour of dessert and the picture of the cheesecake with macaroon caught our eye.

 Another view of the homemade cheesecake ice cream with raspberry sauce, crumble and macaroon. The ice cream really tasted  like cheesecake! It looks melty in the pic but tasted better when it is a little melted as compared to when it is rock hard. The macaroon looks good but was way too hard. I could not cut through it with the dessert spoon I had but overall still a nice cold dessert for people who like cheesecake. 🙂

Bakerzin My Village
1 Maju Ave, #01-26/27/28
Singapore 556679
Tel: 66345638

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