Baikohken Ramen @ North Canal Road

A col brought us to this Ramen Place at North Canal Road. It is a very small eatery that is opened by a Japanese. The owner is the chef himself and heard that most of the ingredients were directly imported from Japan.
There was already a queue when we arrived and while waiting for our seats, caught a glimpse of the type of Ramen offered outside the shop. The sign above says it all. We also spotted a few Japanese eating at this place so the food must be quite good.
For such a small place, I would say that the variety of Ramen is decent. It is also good place to eat for people like me cos I do not have to spend a long time pouring over the menu deciding what to eat.:P All you have to do here is to decide the soup base you want, from Miso, Shio (salt), or Shoyu (Soya Sauce). Next, pick what you would like to eat: – Normal , Butter and Cream, Char Siew and Vegetable, and your order is done! Of course if you would like some sides, they do have Gyoza available too.
While waiting for our ramen, we were served ice cold unpolished barley drink which was really light and  refreshing.
My Shoyu Ramen came topped with plenty of greens which all of us thought was spring onions but was actually Japanese leeks as confirmed by the chef. I had added eggs to my ramen and really liked how the yolk is runny while the white is firm. The meat in my ramen was buried by the leeks so I had to dig it out in order to get a picture of it. LOL. The meat was generous and so tender that I actually tore it apart while “digging” it out. 😛
Look at the texture of the meat. It was very well prepared and really very tender. Thumbs up!
There were some bamboo shoots in the ramen too. I have never like bamboo shoots because you can smell them from a metre away. Surprisingly, the bamboo shoots here do not have that smell. I took the courage to try after hearing that it is quite nicely done from my cols. All I can say is, eating bamboo shoots is an acquired taste which I have yet to acquire!  :p
My col’s Shio Ramen. The noodles were done really properly. It is springy and does not stick to your teeth.
Another col’s Miso Char Siew Ramen. We all went “wow” when we saw this big bowl of Char Siew Ramen topped with generous portion of Char Siew and leeks. It was so full that the soup almost overflowed from the bowl. 😀
Another col’s Butter and Corn Miso Ramen. Didn’t get to try it but was told that the corn is very sweet.
I must say that this is one Ramen that really pushes me on. There was still a lot left even after I had eaten for very long. Had to take a break before finally preceeding to finish it up. The portion is really BIGger than normal. Even the guys commented that the portion was big.. Hahaha.. We should have opted for the half size one that was available.
Overall, this is one nice place for Ramen but do not expect to be able to sit around and chat after your meal during lunch. Just be sure to go earlier if you do not want to stand in the queue during the lunch. Alternatively, can opt to go for dinner when it is less crowded. 🙂

Baikohken Ramen
7 North Canal Road
Tel: 6534 3808
Opening Hours: 11:00 – 15:00 and 17:00 – 22:00 (last order at 21:30)

Photos taken with SE C905 (resolution reduced)

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