Bai Nian Niang Dou Fu 百年酿豆腐 @ People’s Park Complex Food Centre 珍珠坊

Have you ever seen freshly minced prawn meat in your Yong Tau Foo (YTF)?  This is one stall that has it!

We were attracted to this Bai Nian  百年 stall at People’s Park Complex Food Centre. Our curiosity drew us to join the queue and we peered hard to find whatever menu we can to know what this stall is selling but failed. LOL.. All we could see what bowls of bee hoon soup swishing past.

The only indication of what the stall was selling from the 2 articles at the stall and we soon realise that it is actually Yong Tau Foo (YTF)!

The only other indication of what is available at this stall – the Bai Nai Trio Paste 百年三重膏 available for sale by weight so that you can enjoy them in your steamboat at home! There is prawn paste 百虾膏 at $60/kg, mixed paste  (prawn and pork) 虾肉膏at $50/kg and meat paste 肉膏 at $30/kg. 

Very neat and clean stall with endless food preparation in progress.

The paste are freshly scrapped into the soup to cook and another Uncle fishing out the ingredients on order!

The sweet and chilli sauce at the stall.

To promote a green environment, they will squeeze more sauce/chilli into the saucer if you prefer more but you are not allowed to take more than one portion per person. Free refill available when you bring your saucer back to the stall, that applies for soup too.

This is the YTF that this stall sells. Above is the ingredients in the $4 bowl.

The order here is very simple. Just choose either the $4 or $5 option and all you have to do next is to wait for your food 🙂 A bowl of thin rice noodles (aka bee hoon) will be prepared and 7-9 pieces of YTF (depending on the price you ordered) will be scooped out from the big pot into the bowl.

Ingredients in the $5 bowl.

Basically you get 2 additional pieces of ingredient, that is, one prawn paste and one meat paste.

Then a generous tablespoon of freshly chopped spring onions is ladled into the bowl.

The bowls with and without spring onions.

After which the soup is carefully poured into the bowl.

Uncle pouring the soup into the bowl, filling it almost to the brink! Way too generous!

My Bowl of $5 YTF from Bai Nian.

Top view of the YTF with all the ingredients.

Close up of the prawn paste in the soup.

Very fresh and you can still bite on chunks of prawn meat. Definitely a consideration for any steamboat in future!

Close up of the meat paste.

There were bits of black fungus in it to give it the additional texture.

The interesting item – Bittergourd with meat paste 酿苦瓜 in the soup.

If you do not eat bittergourd, just let the Auntie know when placing your order. 🙂

The beancurd is worthy of mention too as it is not the silky, normal kind. There are holes in this (like 冻豆腐) and have soaked up the lovely soup! Nice!

Close up of the 3 other “deep-fried” items 酿腐皮 in the bowl.

We were lucky that we were just that teenie bit earlier than the lunch crowd as the queue had formed to more than 15 pax when we sat down! This is a very healthy, filling and surprisingly tasty bowl of YTF.  Definitely recommended to try if you are in the vicinity and if you do not mind the queue! 🙂 The bonus – additional bee hoon is FOC!

Bai Nian Niang Dou Fu 百年酿豆腐
32 New Market Rd,
Singapore 050032
Opening Hours: 9am to 9pm
Closed on Sunday, Opened on Public Holidays

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