Auntie Kim’s Korean Restaurant @ Upper Thomson Road

Finally visited Auntie Kim’s Korean Resaturant! This has to be one of the first few Korean Resturant in Singapore before the rest started sprouting up along Tanjong Pagar Road and Amoy street.

Auntie Kim’s Korean Restaurant is located at Upper Thomson Road with its own dedicated but limited parking so if you are driving there, pray hard that you are lucky enough to secure a lot!

Outdoor seating

We were ushered to the table above and PB was very quick to notice that there is no BBQ stove and requested for a change.

Sighted this poster on the wall introducing the various kimchi series of side dishes while we were changing tables.

We were ushered to a table with cushion seats meant for 4 with a gas stove. The place looks pretty empty as we were quite early for dinner, having stepped into the restaurant at 6.30pm.

Cover of the Menu

Gas stove on the table.

They do not use charcoal here and that may explain why most diners ordered the ala carte dishes instead of the BBQ items.

To be in line with our past reviews, we order 2 meats and a pancake. The requirement to BBQ outside is a minimum order of 2 meats too.

What we ordered as shown on the menu. Korean Pancake mixed with Vegetable and seafood, $16

PB settled the meats -Menu – Pork Shoulder Meat Marinated in Special Sauce (Doi Ji Mok-Sal),$22 and

Menu – Non-Marinated Prime Beef Rib Short Rib and special sauce on the side (Saeng Kalbi), $28.

Not too sure what is the special sauce on the side, perhaps it refers to the garlic, bean paste, etc that is placed on the table as shown in the picture.

Hot tea was served very quickly after we placed our orders.

The restaurant was very nicely decorated and had a very homely feel.

Food was served very quickly and in no time, our table was filled with food.

Side Dish #1: Marinated Big Headed Bean Sprouts. Fragrant and refreshing but portion is quite small.

Side Dish #2: Fried fish in some sweet sauce. Pretty interesting side dish that we had not eaten any where else.

Side Dish #3: Lightly seasoned veg. This veg had some fibers that were difficult to chew through.

Side Dish #4: Tempura style carrot. Another side dish that is not pickled or spicy.

Side Dish #5: Korean Food Staple – Kimchi!

Side Dish #6: Kim Chi Again! I am not sure if there is any difference between the 2 plates of kimchi or they had ran out of certain side dishes and hence, gave us 2 kimchi instead.

The green lettuce, sliced garlic, cut green and red chilli togo with your BBQ meat.

Sauces/oil that you can dip your meat in. I am still wondering what is in the oil as it enhances the flavour of the BBQ meat. Looks like some salt, pepper and sesame oil to me

Korean Bean Paste that you will definitely get in all Korean Reataurants

Our Korean Pancake mixed with Vegetable and seafood (Hae Mool Jeon), $16. What I refer to as seafood pancake.

Close up of the yummy sauce. It was a tad salty here but I still sprinkled some over my pancake.

Another view of the pancake

Close up of the pancake.

The seafood was generous here as I could taste it with every piece of the pancake that I took. The batter of the pancake here is slightly different from those that we have tasted so far as it seems to contain more egg than the rest. It is heavier and much more filling.

Top view of our Non-Marinated Prime Beef Rib Short Rib and special sauce on the side (Saeng Kalbi), $28.

Close up of the beef rib

Side view of the beef short ribs.

PB’s style of BBQ-ing the rib. The staff wanted to BBQ for us but we told them we will help ourselves instead.

The non-professionally half-cooked rib by PB. I think the stove was not hot enough and PB could not wait to BBQ his meat and hence the unevenly cooked meat as shown above.

Our ready to eat short-rib.

Wrapping the BBQ meat in a lettuce and spreading it with bean paste and a piece of sliced garlic.

One nice mouthful, that is how I eat it! πŸ™‚

Our raw Pork Shoulder Meat Marinated in Special Sauce (Doi Ji Mok-Sal),$22.

Close up of the pork shoulder

PB putting the shoulder to BBQ.

One side done

While waiting for the meat to be done, we had another round of the side dishes as the portion of the side dishes here were rather small.

We were given a new side dish with broccoli in it.

Another plate of the bean sprouts. Gone in 3 mouthfuls?

Tempura carrot

Fried fish

Kim Chi

I requested for a change of the grill plate and then it was my turn to put my BBQ prowess to test! πŸ˜›

See, my evenly grilled prime rib though I also had some difficulty flipping the meat over as they stuck to the grill plate.

Cut into nice bite size portion with various doneness.

As I was too busy eating and cooking, this is my BBQ-ed pork shoulder, cut and ready to eat. Think I must be getting quite pro at this after eating at so many Korean Restaurants! πŸ˜€

I could not get enough of the Kim chi to go with the meat and requested shyly for one more portion of it to complete my meal. The service staff must be amazed at how much this 2 fellows can eat!

Our bill came up to $77.70 (inclusive of service charge and GST) which is comparable to the rest of the Korean Restaurants we have been to. Most of the diners who came into the restaurnat after us opted for the cooked food and I guessed this is one place where you come to for cooked Korean dishes (just like home cooked ones), not so much for BBQ as a gas stove was used. Reservations is definitely recommended as they had to turn away some customers who walked in as there were no tables available.

Auntie Kim (??) helping out at the tables too? πŸ™‚

Auntie Kim’s Korean Restaurant
265 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574392
Tel: 64522112
Opening Hours:
Lunch: 11.30am – 3pm
Dinner: 5.30pm – 10pm

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