Anzu あんず@ Wisma Atria,Orchard, Japan Food Town

Awesome Gin-Jo-Pork Loin Katsu Set from Anzu at Japan Food Town located on Level 4 of Wisma Atria, Orchard!

There are a total of 16 Japanese Restaurants in the Japan Food Town and we are really spoilt for choice on where to go to get our Japan cuisine fix! After walking 2 rounds, we finally settle on Anzu for 2 reasons – the poster looks too good to resist and the Japan Food Town App notified me that ladies get free desserts on Wednesday!  😀

Entrance of Anzu

Very attractive food pictures at the entrance! Who can resist all the perfectly golden and crispy looking food? 😛

View of the Bar counter.

Already looking very much like the counter we sat at when we had our tonkatsu in japan!

View of the interior from where we were seated.

It really reminds me of my meal in Japan where we had our tonkatsu and experienced the tremors of an earthquake at the same time! 😛 Singapore is free from natural disasters so it is unlikely to relive the exact experience here. haha.

Cup of free green tea and an pretty porcelain container on the table.

Porcelain container containing pickled radish.

There were some cut chilli in the pickled radish that heat things up a bit 😛

Nice touch and we love it!


 銀座 あんず Anzu 

About Anzu

Explanation of the origin of the ingredients used in Anzu.

Menu – Limited Anzu Select Katsu Set

Pork from Anzu is the highest class that feed on safe grain and grown in safe environment. Gin-Jo-Pork means the pork chosen from them by Chief Chef, Then we make them mature with out original technique. It is rare and high class.”

We ended up ordering from this page as the pork are from Japan while the rest are US pork.

Menu – Katsu Set


Menu – Rice with Green Tea with Pork Fillet Katsu Set

Pretty curious at how this set taste like! Next visit it has to be! 🙂

Menu – Drinks

Menu – Ala Carte

Menu – Desserts

Menu – Anzu’s Lunch Menu

Priced at $15+ and limited to 20 sets per day!

Close up of the Anzu’s Lunch Set.

Looks so good! Must find time to come and try it!

We were served a big porcelain bowl of cabbage.

You can eat as much as you want as it gets topped up by the friendly staff.

Close up of the paper thin cabbage which is crunchy, juicy and sweet.

Accompanying dressing (yuzu and japanese white herb) to dress your cabbage.

Sesame for you to crush and make your tonkatsu dipping sauce.

Close up of the toasted sesame seeds.

Close up of my self-dressed salad. 😉

Love the yuzu sauce!

The darker tonkatsu sauce on the table.

Close up of the dark (stronger) sauce.

We were served another sauce which is supposed to be lighter.

The light vs strong sauce differentiated by the colour of the stripes on the porcelain containers.

See the difference now? Red stripes contain the lighter sauce and blue stripes contain the stronger sauce.

Decided to make my dipping sauce with the lighter sauce.

Added a scope of the dark sauce and the difference is even more visible here.

I prefer the taste of the lighter sauce with my tonkatsu.

Very very cute bowl containing something very very yummy!

Can you guess what is in it?

Ta-da! It is Chawamnushi 茶碗蒸し, $9+ .

Looks like a person with green eyes (peas) and hair (mushroom), just lacking a smile! LOL.

Close up of the silky smooth chwanmushi.

Another view of the delicious chawanmushi.

Initially, I was still thinking who will pay so much just to eat chawanmushi?!  But after tasting this, you will definitely understand why!

Close up of the silky smooth chawanmushi that is worth every dollar for the ingredients used in making it! Definitely did not regret ordering it!

Gin-Jo-Pork Fatty Loin Katsu Set, $44++ 黒豚
Quote from the menu  – “Please enjoy the taste that will melt on your tongue!”

Pickled carrots and radish.

Shell Miso soup

There were 2 types of miso soup so we got one of each to try.

Close up of the clam in the miso soup.

Lots of clams at the bottom of the bowl and something interesting and different from the usual miso soup.

Brown Rice.

There were 2 types of rice and we got one of each as well to try as we did not know that the rice can be topped up as well.

Close up of the Fatty Loin Katsu.

Perfectly breaded and deep-fried.

Cross section of the fatty loin.

It looks oily but it was actually juicy!

Gin-Jo-Pork Loin Katsu Set, $37+

Quote from Menu – “High Class sirloin with Rich Taste”

Pickles that is part of the set

Japanese White Rice

Miso Soup

Close up of the Loin Katsu.

Close up of the Loin.

Looks leaner than the fatty loin but it did not lose in terms of taste and juiciness! I enjoy this one more while my bud likes the fatty one better. Double Win! 😛

My Half-half rice 🙂

You should order the brown rice when you are here. It is sooooo fragrant and oishi!

Putting one each of the loin from the 2 sets side by side.

Can you tell which is which?

Another view – Their juices glistening under the spotlight!

The Fatty Loin against my brown rice.

The loin – It was so tender and good!

This is one very fat piece from the fatty loin and like what the menu describe, it melt on your tongue!

“You don’t need thick flavored sauce to appreciate their Ginjo Joshu pork. Just take one bite to taste and feel the quality…”

This statement cannot be more true….

The amount of baby clams at the bottom of my miso soup!

Complimentary Dessert for ladies cos it is Wednesday! Thank you!!!

Close up of the green tea ice cream.

Mochi coated in roasted soya bean served with azuki beans.

Very lovely desserts to wrap up a very filling meal!

Anzu あんず
435 Orchard Road,
Wisma Atria,
Japan Food Town,
Singapore 238877
Opening hours:
Weekdays: 11.30am – 11pm
Weekends: 11am – 11pm
Tel: 62623408

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