Ami Ami by Kuriya Dining @ Great World City

Checking out the new Shokutsu Ten Japanese Food Street at Great World City and we headed straight to Ami Ami by Kuriya Dining for their Tempura and Robatayaki!  Ami Ami, whose name in Japanese means “net”, flies in fresh seafood from Japan thrice weekly and for sashimi lovers, what better news can you have other than flying to Japan for your sashimi fix? 😛 Not only is the sashimi fresh, people who are crazy about Tendon 天丼 really need to check out their Egg Tempura Rice Bowl! So simply yet so delicious, combining 2 of my favoutrite food into one,  and I even attempted my first one handed food video of the oozy egg! 😛

Shokutsu Ten Japanese Food Street at Great World City

View of Ami Ami while queuing to enter

A panoview from the entrance of the tempura/robatayaki counter.

View of part of the interior

Display of seasonal produce on the counter.

Menu Cover – Ami Ami by Kuriya Dining (Seafood. Tempura.Robatayaki)

Dinner Menu

Menu – Tempura Set and Robatayaki Set

Menu – Hotpot Set and Ala Carte (live scallop)

Menu – Ala Carte (Air flown fish & Robatayaki) and Side Dish

Menu – Ami Ami Platter (seafood, sashimi and tempura)

Menu – Rice and Soup, Dessert and Drinks

Menu – Wine (Sparkling, Red, White and Champagne)

Promotion on-going now where you get to enjoy a glass of sparkling wine at $6.80++ (usual $15.80++/glass)  with any food order!

Table setting at the counter.

I usually do not like counter seats but when you are here, you really need to sit at the counter to get a better dining experience!

Ways to enjoy the Master Chef’s Creation of the Original Egg Tempura Rice – Sprinkle a dash of salt, Dip it into tempura sauce or drizzle sweet tendon sauce to make your own Tempura Don (aka Tendon)

The perfect drink match for my meal today! 😛

Sparkling Wine (Castell Blanc Cava Brut), $6.80++, waiting for my tempura!

First up, the Sashimi of the Day from my Ami Ami Tempura Set, $45.80++. Look at the block of ice forming the bowl!

Very nicely plated Sashimi of the Day!

Close up of the different raw fish slices.

PB polished everything off before I could even pick up any!

Another of our ala carte order arrived pretty quickly!

Live Scallop Sashimi, $7.80++

It tasted JUST LIKE WHAT I HAD IN JAPAN! So fresh and so sweet! Definitely recommended!

The freshly grated wasabi was great too!

PB’s order of the Signature Snow Crab Garlic Rice with Egg, $15.80++.

Garlic Sauce that you can drizzle onto the rice.

Close up of the Snow Crab Garlic Rice with Egg.

Pushing away the garlic to reveal the snow crab.

The snow crab meat was sweet and we did not mix it into the rice for we did not want the garlic to cover the freshness of the snow crab.  The rice tasted better with the additional garlic sauce.

Charcoal-Grilled Live Scallop from my Ami Ami Tempura Set.

Grilled slowly over charcoal flame with their house special sauce and served on a bed of pink solid fuel with a flickering flame to keep it pipping hot.

Look at how it is still bubbling when served to me by the chef over the counter.

Taste good too but the love the hotate sashimi better! 😛

PB’s Order of Grilled Waygu beef with Krazy Salt, $55.80++.

Served with garlic sauce and garlic bits.

Top view of the Grilled Waygu beef.

Close up of the medium wagyu.

Tender and yumz!

We saw this grilling in front of us and PB immediately added it to his order (still in search of the grilled onigiri he loves).

Bonito Flakes Rice Ball (from one set in the menu) /Charcoal Grilled Okaka Rice (as mentioned in the receipt), $4.50++.

PB’s order of the Grilled Assorted Vegetables, $14++

Some of the grilled vegetables in full view. A tad ex in my opinion.

Next up, the Original Egg Tempura & Vegetable Kakiage Tempura Rice Bowl, Pickles and Miso Soup from my Ami Ami Tempura Set.

Tempura Dip

There were 2 salt that came with it and I was told this is the Yuzu Salt and

This is the green tea salt.

Love the yuzu salt (it goes well with my wagyu too!) but did not taste much of the green tea in the green tea salt.


Very refreshing but for people who did not like ginger, you will need to pick out the yellow bits.

Miso Soup. 

Always love one!

Original Egg Tempura & Vegetable Kakiage Tempura Rice Bowl.

The egg tempura looks like a gigantic wanton with crispy beancurd skin with a jiggly centre.

Another view of that gorgeous Egg Tempura looking like the tail of the whale splashing out from the ocean (bowl) 😉

Watch my first one handed video attempt at capturing the oozy egg tempura!

Check out their facebook page for more videos!

The oozy goodness from the perfectly fried egg!

Crispy on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside! Perfect with a sprinkle of salt or a drizzle of the tendon sauce!

There are some dark bits in this rice that makes it very special and delicious!

The onions in the Vegetable Kakiage was very sweet and I would have preferred to enjoy it on its own instead of being drenched with the egg and tendon sauce.

The Tendon Sauce – Self Service.;)

Put as much or as little as you want into your rice bowl.

Chef serving the freshly fried, piping hot, tempura over the counter piece by piece – the perk of sitting at the counter!

Close up of my asparagus, lotus root, sweet corn and chicken tempura.

Close up of the lotus root tempura with the tempura dip.

Tender and juicy tempura chicken.

Appearance of Chef Naoki Tsuzuki in his signature pink Chef’s Uniform and another chef helming the robatayaki counter.

It was a joy watching him prepare the tempura.

And just when we thought we were done with our tempura, Chef Naoki Tsuzuki came over and placed 2 prawns  and 2 prawn heads on my plate!

Close up of the prawn heads.

The prawn meat was so sweet, solid and meaty!

Close up of the prawn head.

It is not really the head per se to me, more like the under part of the head near the legs.

Another view of the prawn head.

How to eat you may ask? I am also not a head person but just popped it into my mouth and I can only used one word to describe it – OISHI! The crispiness of the head can only be achieved with very fresh prawns and very good control of the tempurature of the oil! It just melts in the mouth! Try it!

So good that I ordered a second sparkling wine to go with it! Really a great match! HAHA..

Then he came back with 2 more pieces of fish tempura and that completes the tempura from my set. A total of 8 pieces of tempura, 10 if you count the prawn heads as individual item. 😛

Close up of fish tempura – seabream if I did not remember wrongly.

Very juicy and not oily at all.

Another fish tempura – Did not catch its name. 😛

The meat was very fine.

Enjoying the lanterns above our heads.

Ending the meal with dessert – Cream Daifuku Mochi with Strawberry, $4.80++.  Without the strawberry, it cost $4++.

Another view of the Mochi.

Skipping the strawberry may have been a good idea as it is not very sweet and the portion is only a quarter and not half like in their picture (that’s why picture are always for illustration only! :P)

View of Chef Naoki Tsuzuki serving the freshly fried tempura to the patrons at the counter.

Our total bill came up to $192.56 after factoring in 10% service charge and 7% GST. Not a small sum but we had a great variety of food ordered ala carte and the quality is definitely there.  Will definitely come back for their tempura or the robatayaki sets!

Collecting our bags from under our butts. 😛

Name Card – Front (with business hours)

Name card – Back (RE&S Concept)

Ami Ami by Kuriya Dining
1 Kim Seng Promenade, Great World City, #B1-03/04, Singapore 237994
Tel: 6835-9071 (Reservations applicable only for weekday dinner, Monday to Thursday except eve of and on public holiday)
Opening Hours:
Lunch: 11.30am to 3pm
Dinner: 5.30 to 10pm daily
Part of Kuriya Group:

For Full Set of photos, click here

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