Amara Yong Tau Foo @ Yuan Hua Coffee Shop

The Famous Amara Yong Tau Foo (YTF) has shifted a few shops down from La Kopi Coffeeshop at 5 Hoe Chiang Road to Yuan Hua Coffeeshop at 9 Hoe Chiang Road. Though location has changed. their business is still as brisk as ever 😛

You will not miss the stall with such a prominent sign!

Queues are always present. If u dunno where to queue, just follow the one where they are picking the ingredients first then join the one waiting to collect the cooked ones.

The rows of YTF items ready for the lunch crowd!

Prices are still the same as when they were at La Kopi Coffee shop. Min. order of 7 pieces without rice/noodles. If ordering with rice or noodles, then  you need to pick a minimum of 6 pieces. In short, the min cost of a bowl of YTF is $4.20 depending on your permutation. Do note that for takeaway, you will have to pay an additional $0.20 for every piece of packing item.

My very healthy pick of 7 pieces of YTF.  Looks so green right? LOL

The uncle and auntie behind the stall preparing the YTF.

Everything is pretty much self-service here so you will take your own cutlery, chilli, tray, spring onions, etc.

My $5.20 Yong Tau Foo with Chee Chong Fun Lunch!

The cooked 7 items, $4.20, with free Ikan Bilis! Yum yum.. shallots and spring onions were thrown in by me 😛

My first time eating YTF with Chee Chong Fun, $1, which they are so famous for! Been ages since I ate chee chong fun too. Very nice, very smooth and you can roll the layers out so that they are like kway teow. 🙂

Another view of my yummy Lunch! Love it!

Do go early if you want to try this as there will be more items to choose from and the queues are much shorter! 🙂

Amara Yong Tau Foo
Yuan Hua Coffee Shop
9 Hoe Chiang Road
Singapore 089314

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