Amara Singapore – Christmas Log Cakes 2017

You know Christmas is near when log cakes start appearing! Ho Ho Ho!!!

Am very fortunate to get to try 2 different flavours of log cakes from Amara Singapore 🙂

Taking a peek through the box and enticed by the chocolaty colour and flavour 😛


Dark Chocolate Cherry Yule Log Cake, $52

Took a slice of the cake and really loving the dark and rich cake! Did not detect the cherries though.

Pink Champagne Lychee Yule Log Cake, $52

So pink! Merry Christmas!

The snowman is so cute that I cannot resist taking a few more photos! 😛

Cross section of the Pink Champagne Lychee Yule Log Cake.

The texture was a little gelatiny with a faint lychee taste. Before we know what flavour it was, everyone was trying to taste and guess and some had good palate and was able to tell there was alcohol in it! 😛  Between the 2, I veered towards the dark side. 😛

Amara Singapore


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