Abalone Mushroom Minced Meat Noodle 鲍鱼肉脞面@ Sim Lim Square Food Court

Day 3 of the Lunar Year of the Goat and this is what I had for lunch – Abalone Mushroom Minced Meat Noodle 鲍鱼肉脞面 with Dumpling Soup 水饺汤, $4+$1

Did not know what I should have for lunch when we ventured into the Food Court located at the basement of the Sim Lim Square. After walking around, I decided on having minced meat noodles. I was only thinking of the normal minced meat noodle but the one here is upgraded with Abalone!

Not only was there abalone. there was also a prawn! Wow wow wow. A luxurious upsize version of the minced meat noodles I normally have. Feels so prosperous having it during CNY. hahaha.

The dumpling soup that I added on for an additional $1.

Another view of my noodles which has a deep fried dumpling, a fish ball, a slice of abalone, crispy pork lard(!!), stewed mushrooms, slices of fish cake, minced meat, a prawn and beansprouts! Full of variety and ingredients! It comes without chilli so if you want some, remember to take from the pot where the red cut chillis were placed.

1 Rochor Canal Road
Sim Lim Square
Singapore 188504

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